Thing To Do In Pokhara


Pokhara is part of the once vibrant route extending between India and Tibet. You might have a question what is in Pokhara?, what are things to do in Pokhara? Here you can find Top Things to see in Pokhara. To this day, mule trains can be seen camped on the outskirts of the town, bringing goods to trade from remote regions of the Himalaya. This is the land of the Magars and Gurungs, hardworking farmers and valorous warriors who have earned worldwide fame as Gurkha soldiers. The Thakalis, another important ethnic group here, are known for their entrepreneurship.

Thing To Do In Pokhara! Top Things to see in Pokhara.

  1. Mountains views: Clearly the most stunning of Pokhara’s sights is the spectacular panorama of the Annapurna I to IV Annapurna South. Although the highest among them is Annapurna I (8,091m), it is Machhapuchhre, which dominates all others in this neighborhood. Boastfully levitating in the skyline, the fish-tailed pinnacle is the archetypal snow capped, needle- pointed mountain.
  2. Phewa Lake, the second largest lake in the Mountain Kingdom roughly measuring 1.5 by 4km, is the center of attractions in Pokhara. It is the largest and most enchanting of the three lakes that add to the resplendence of Pokhara. Here, one can sail or row a hired boat across to the water or visit the Island temple in its middle. The eastern shore, popularly known as Lakeside or Baidam, is the favorite home base for travelers is where most of the hotels, restaurants, and handicraft shops are located.
  3. Rupa and Begnas lakes are located about 15 km from Pokhara at the end of a road that turns north from the highway to Kathmandu. Divided by a forested hillock called Panchabhaiya Danda, the lakes offer the perfect nature retreat because of their relative seclusion. Splendid boating and fishing opportunities can be had here.
  4. Barahi Temple; this is the most important religious monument in Pokhara. Built almost in the middle of Phewa Lake, this two storied pagoda is dedicated to the boar manifestation of Ajima, the protester deity representing the female force Shakti. Devotees can be seen, especially on Saturdays, carrying male animals and fowl across the lake to be sacrificed to the deity.
  5. Devis Fall; locally known as Patale Chhango (Hells Fall), Devis Fall (also known as Devins) is an awesome waterfall lying about two km southwest of Pokhara airport on the highway to Tansen. Legend has it that a trekker (Deven, David) was washed away by the Pardi Khola and mysteriously disappeared down into an underground passage beneath the fall.
  6. Mahendra Gupha; another of natures wonders in Pokhara is the Mahendra Gupha. This large limestone cave is locally known as the house of Bats. A two-hour walk to the north of Pokhara, it is best to bring your own torch to see the stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the local winged residents.
  7. Bindhabasini Temple; is the center of religious activity in the old Bazaar. This white dome-like structure dominates a spacious stone-paved courtyard built atop a shady hillock. It is dedicated to Goddess Bhagwati, yet another manifestation of Shakti. The park and Tuesdays when devotees flock there to offer sacrifices, take on a festive local flavor.
  8. Sarangkot; Sarangkot, the village is located on a mountainside ridge at an altitude of 1600m with panoramic Himalayan views. Sarangkot is lovely hilltop for sunrise and sunset. Sarangkot is famous for paragliding where Paragliding Company starts the adventure fly to see the beautiful Pokhara and the glorious mountains views. Also, Sarang Kot is famous for short hikers who love to enjoy with the natures.
  9. Peace Stupa; The peace pagoda is a Buddhist Stupa designed to provide a focus for people of all races and creeds within the world and to help unite them in their search for world peace. Actually, in the world peace pagoda, we can see four statues of Buddha, let people informed about the four incidents of Buddha’s life.
  10. Paragliding; If you want to join do something more adventurous things while being in Pokhara then book your seat for tandem paragliding, you will be touching the sky and amazing Annapurna mountains view in front of you.
  11. Zipflyer; Could be another adventure thrilling experience in Pokhara, worlds longest and highest zip flyer. As well as you can try Bungy Jump in Pokhara( at the same place in Zipflyer).
  12. Trekking; If you have more time life then Pokhara is the gateway of Annapurna Base Camp TrekGhorepani Poon Hill Trekking, Jomsom Muktinath Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Upper Mustang Trekking and day hiking trip around Pokhara. For more contact us via email or give us a call.


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